Caregiver Guide

The information provided here was created and developed to help facilitate one of the most significant and difficult conversations you may ever have with your loved one. Working with adults and their families for more than 30 years, Senior Independence understands the emotional stress and physical challenges put upon today’s caregivers.

Our experience has taught us that there is no better time to prepare for an emergency than today, right now, before you are faced with a crisis situation. The information provided here will help you prepare a road map for future health care emergencies, helping to eliminate or reduce stress, anxiety and anger that can accompany a highly emotional time.

Communication with your family early and often regarding personal choices and desires for future health care decisions is important. We know from experience that families, who have listened to each other and worked together, are better able to make difficult decisions when needed.

Senior Independence is committed to educating older adults and their families in advance planning and communication to effectively manage long-term and short-term health care decisions. We have put together a companion guide to help facilitate the conversation and provide detailed, written information for families. If you are interested in purchasing the icaregiver guide, contact us.